Best Memories and the Santa Letters

For children and not so young to make an effective gift list, follow these recommendations; Asking for what you need and agreeing with your siblings are some of the tips.

Everyone remembers how excited it was to make the list of gifts for Santa Claus because in it they had the freedom to ask for all the toys they dreamed of, so that this year your children make a more complete list and in accordance with Santa’s financial possibilities,

Read the following recommendations:

  1. Writing a letter is not just asking for things: Tell what happened to you this year, how your family is doing, if your dog got sick, your plans for next year. Personalize the letter by pasting photos or stamps or make a drawing of what you would do with that toy you want to receive.
  2. Clarify what you want and why: Do not ask to ask, for example, if you live in an apartment and ask for a mountain bike it will be difficult for you to use it unless your weekend activities include going riding in the middle of the forest with your dad and friends. That is why it is important that the object you want is consistent with your activities, hobbies, and needs.
  3. Establish Priorities: Since you cannot always have what you want, it is important that you clarify what interests you most of all what you are thinking of asking Santa or the Kings. For example, if you are between a doll and some skates, evaluate what would be more fun for you, if a new doll for your collection that amounts to more than 15 or the skates that would serve you to go out with your friends to play.
  4. Consultation: Dads, grandparents, uncles and teachers can give you good ideas for making your letter, ask them what they asked for when they were your age.
  5. Agree with your siblings. If in your case you have siblings, they can ask for something that everyone wants instead of asking for each other. For example, a video game or a board game.
  6. What happened to the gifts last year? Has it happened to you that many times you ask for things and after a few weeks you no longer use it or you simply get more attention from something else that they gave you? Thinking about this, make a selection of all the toys that are in good condition and no longer use to donate them to other children or you can also make a garage sale and start saving with the money you have left.
  7. Accept surprises: Maybe you are missing a fabulous gift because you don’t know it, so tell them in your letter to santa that they can bring you surprises.
  8. Distinguish what you want from what you need: if you practice any sport or activity and you lack a ball, tennis shoes, paintings, a musical instrument or any other accessory, take the opportunity to ask for it.
  9. Take care of your toys: Read the instructions and use them for what they are. Remember that Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men make a great effort to present them to you.
  10. Be patient: There are more and more children in the world, which complicates the work of Santa and the Kings, so if your gifts are delayed, do not despair.