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We are talking about something that must be perfectly conditioned, cared for and monitored. For this reason, in the gas installation all the parties that intervene in the community of owners must feel responsible for its correct use and maintenance, for the peace of mind of all.

However, it is true that the cost of repair will fall on one party or another depending on where the damaged section of gas pipe is located. Next, we will analyze all this.

Recommendations For Gas Installations:

Inspections and maintenance

The correct use, management and maintenance must be carried out in all elements of the community; However, it is true that there are more sensitive than others and that when we talk about the gas installation, we must bear in mind that a leak is not something that can be postponed or not important, it is something to pay attention to. very urgent attention. Given this, it is clear that the gas installation must be especially cared for and observed in the communities of owners.


Everything that has to do with gas must be well taken care of. Thus, for example, the user of the installation must monitor the good state of the flame, which must be stable and blue, which shows adequate combustion. Likewise he, but also, any member of the community should be aware of if there is any smell of gas, to take the appropriate precautionary measures.

Who Pays In The Event Of Damage Or Leakage In The Gas Installation?

When a problem occurs in the gas installation pipeline, depending on where the section is located, it will be up to one of the different parties to fix it and bear the costs, not all equally.


If the section that is in poor condition is in the supply pipeline, which includes from the general network to the building, the repair will be carried out by the company supplying the service. You can also choose the plumber pasadena for the same.


When the area affected by the breakdown is between the arrival at the building and the entrance to the house, it is the community of owners that must repair it and bear the costs.


In the event that this damage is in a part of the pipe that is inside the house, it will be the owner who must fix it and pay for the correction of the problem.

Thus, it seems that it is clear to whom the arrangement of each part of the installation corresponds, right? Although sometimes there are doubts, if this is taken into account, it is very obvious who must carry out the maintenance and repair of each of the sections.