The Insta Accounts You Need Now

Do you also have the impression that Instagram is the darling among the most popular social networks? Have you spent much of your time watching stories or scrolling through the photo and video feed? That’s what we’re going to talk about now, with our exclusive Instagram survey.

Opinion Box had already done a survey with Brazilian internet users about their relationship, habits and use of Instagram last year. As social networks are always changing, their algorithms updated, and users’ preferences too, we redid the survey to see what may be new in 2020. The use of the instagram account creator is high there.

Check the results now:

Instagram user profile

Instagram’s popularity is undeniable. 70% of respondents said they have an account and access the social network.

Our research also found that Instagram is the preferred network of 1 in 4 Internet users. In the ranking of preference, it is second only to Facebook, which is preferred by 52%.

Among women, the preference for Instagram is even higher, reaching 29%. We also found that Instagram is the favorite of the youngest (35%), while the older has even more resistance and is only 12%.

Another point that proves how much users love Instagram is the frequency with which they access the app. 67% of respondents access Instagram several times a day. It is worth noting that, for 2 out of 3 respondents, the frequency of use has increased in the last 12 months. In addition, 47% of the survey sample still predict that they will increasingly use Instagram, thinking about the next 12 months.

Preferences and habits of consumption of content on Instagram

In addition to knowing the user’s profile, our survey on Instagram also addressed the consumption habits of content on the social network. What kind of content attracts the internet user the most? What kind of profile does he follow? What does the social network use for?

User relationship with companies and digital influencers

Given the popularity and frequent use of Instagram, it is natural for companies to want to take advantage of this wave. Furthermore, digital influencers, who have been successful in recent years with paid partnerships and brand sponsorship, are also on the rise.


Thinking about business on Instagram, the scenario is very favorable for companies that want to open an account there. We prove this by the fact that 83% of the interviewees follow a company or brand on the social network.

Among all users, 48% still say they have already purchased a product or hired a service they knew on Instagram. In parallel, 47% bought something that was indicated by someone on Instagram.

We also asked the level of influence of the opinion of famous people on Instagram, when buying and consuming products. 40% of Instagram users said they felt influenced, with 15% very much influenced by the opinion of celebrities. A great opportunity for anyone who is a reference in any subject, intends to be or considers hiring Instagram professionals to promote and offer their products and news.