The Right Medical Disposable for You Now

Whether for handling or for personal hygiene, disposable gloves are practical and allow these treatments to be carried out in good conditions, there are different types of disposable gloves, find out how to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

The disposable examination gloves can be latex, vinyl or nitrile. The choice of subject is generally made according to your professional activity and your habits. The examination gloves are part of the outfit to wear for protection during handling.

Moreover, disposable gloves can also be used for washing, especially in cases of incontinence.

To help you in your choice, here are the different uses corresponding to each type of disposable glove. Such medical disposables are important.

Powder-free examination gloves, sterile or not

Disposable gloves can be powdered or powder free. Powdered gloves make it easier to put on thanks to the corn starch they contain. Powder-free are useful when the user has intolerance to this component.

Disposable gloves must be sterile in the event of a high level of asepsis, or when handling sterile materials and products. To limit transmission by handling, avoid contact with a wound, or contaminated equipment. Non-sterile examination gloves are ideal.

Latex examination gloves

The disposable latex examination gloves are known for their high elasticity and resistance to chemicals. Disposable latex gloves allow precise and flexible movements. Latex, being a particularly fine material, provides great protection for both the user and the patient against infections and microorganisms.

Nitrile examination gloves

  • Despite their effectiveness, latex gloves have a drawback due to the risk of allergies. The gloves nitrile examination is a good alternative and approach latex gloves.
  • Nitrile provides effective protection against chemicals and bacteria.
  • They offer the same sensory advantages as latex gloves, and allow good tactile sensations.

Vinyl examination gloves

The vinyl gloves are changed more regularly than other examination gloves. Vinyl material is less elastic than latex and nitrile.

Vinyl gloves are suitable for short-term use such as home care and in situations where there is little risk of chemical exposure.

Disposable gloves for personal hygiene

Unlike examination gloves, disposable hygiene gloves are used daily to wash incontinent people, people who are bedridden or with reduced mobility. More hygienic than conventional washcloths, disposable gloves do not require rinsing and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. These disposable washcloths simplify the daily life of caregivers by making washing more convenient and faster.